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Hello. I'm Rob!

Perhaps, like you, I wear lots of hats. I am currently working a full time job while balancing my time with a "cutting edge" ministry. First and most importantly, I am a husband to Kathy and a father to our daughter Christine. These two ladies, apart from my relationship with my Lord, are the loves of my life, and they are my greatest support and encouragement for the ministry that I do, and live out daily as a family. What is that ministry you ask?

The task of Christian apologetics is that cutting edge ministry, and a forgotten spiritual discipline in the church today.  As a "tent-making one dollar apologist"(1),(2), I have been given a contagious passion to encourage and equip Christians, in understanding and responding to the tough questions confronting Christianity, in the context of our "post Christian" culture. That's right, America is a post-Christian culture with all the ideologies, and moral issues challenging the Christian faith as a relevant worldview in the public square today.

I am thoroughly convinced that once we understand why Christianity is true, you and I will be ready to share with ANYBODY credible answers to the curious questions confronting the Christian faith. This is what apologetics is all about and what the Apostle Peter encourages all believers to do in 1 Peter 3:15-17. This is what we call doing apologetics: we give reasons, give answers to hard and soft questions, share presentations, and reach out with the love of Christ to our fellow human beings in need of answers to the questions they have.

On this site, I hope to provide you with encouragement, answers, and resources which will help you answer life's most curious questions and show you how the spiritual discipline of Christian apologetics can help you apply the ancient historical truths of God Word to your daily lives.

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I would love to partner with your church or para-church ministry. l am currently available to speak at conferences, pulpit supply, seminars, break-out sessions, Pastor Q and A, workshops, retreats, or anything else a church or Christian school, or ministry needs

Christian Apologetics Alliance

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I also serve as the Chapter Director and Community Apologist for the Germanna Community College and the University of Mary Washington chapters of Ratio Christi.

My mission with Ratio Christi is toward equipping college and high school students to think, taking the blindfolds off their faith, and stand firm toward giving an intelligent response to those who challenge their Christian convictions.